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Isaque & Stevão Verissimo

Since I know myself, i have aways loved cars and machines. When I was 12 years old I worked with my brother in the construction of an off road car with a 1,600 VW engine.

Since then, I went to Design College, then I moved from São Paulo Countryside to Rio de Janeiro, then to São Paulo Capital, then I moved to California to study filmmaking.

Meanwhile, my brother Stevão moved to Angola in Africa to manage a ceramic industry an than he started to manage very large agricultural facilities throughout Brazil and countries like Nicaragua and Argentina.

In 2014 when I returned from Los Angeles and my brother from Nicaragua we decided it was time to make our dream happen. Stevão is that kind of genius guy that makes really complex things seems easy. With all his experience in the industry developing complex equipment, he manages to have a broad view of things and find solutions where no one else can.

That's what we thought, his experience and genius added to my creative professional experience and the love that I have for drawing and building things would be a promising combination. Indeed. Since we started in 2014, we have worked on complex projects in Brazil and abroad, we have partnered with aeronautical and mechanical engineering colleges and today we serve large customers with exciting projects.

We work with a team of engineers and designers for developments spanning from the idea to the functional prototype and industrial implementation.

In our workshop in São Paulo we are able to build and test prototypes and validate ideas through a practical and agile process. This is what sets us apart from an ordinary design firms, we design, develop, build and validate.


Today with several projects including automotive design projects in the portfolio, I can guarantee that I am where I always wanted to be, since I know myself.

Welcome to the Officina Verissimo Industrial Design studio.



Isaque Verissimo.

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