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Electric Racing Prototype

The Magnetar Program is under development as
a rear-wheel drive sport electric vehicle.

Super spartan and designed for the racing track, it will be a raw car with an electric motor capable of delivering the equivalent of 500 BHP of power and 660 N / m of INSTANTLY TORQUE. Pure insanity.

The driving experience is super immersive, contrary to what is imagined, not having an engine screaming under the hood increases the perception of the car in your hands. The noise of the air and all the dynamics make all our senses soak in the car creating a state of immersion so intense that no combustion vehicle is capable of delivering.

lateral amarelo-3.jpg



The Magnetar program born with the idea of creating a prototype for a 100% electric racing category in Brazil, the VMX Sports. The car will have two cockpit options on the same platform. Central single-seat and bi-place

side by side.

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