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VNT RCY21 // Beira Rio

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An all-new racing car for the VNT Racing Series, in partnership with Beira Rio, a renowned race car construction company.


The goal of this car was to have a lower drag coefficient compared to its predecessor. To achieve this, we relocated the radiator behind the driver, allowing for a much sleeker rear-end that minimizes air turbulence. This redesign posed a significant challenge in terms of cooling. The new position of the radiator necessitated strategically placed air intakes on the sides, which unfortunately caused additional drag. To find the right equation, simulations were conducted using computational fluid dynamics software to optimize the balance between downforce and drag.

I began with initial sketches and ideations, then proceeded to model the entire car in Alias Studio. Subsequently, all models were precisely milled using a CNC machine, ensuring the project's accuracy and precision.

The result is a car that is not only faster but also more elegantly designed than the previous model, and did really well on the track.


Development Process

Final Car in Action

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